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Genesee F.A.S.T.

GeneseeFAST.pngGenesee County is located at the center of New York's Buffalo-Rochester Tech Corridor, a top region for workforce talent.

With 2.1 Million in our Regional Population, 4,000+ Annual Engineering Graduates, 9 Training Centers, and Strong Partnerships, Genesee County and our talent base are ready to move fast.

Genesee F.A.S.T. brings together the talent, resources and readiness to grow your business.

The F.A.S.T. Path for Projects

Advance Work

Genesee F.A.S.T.’s training programs are underway, led by a team that includes economic developers, colleges, training centers, workforce development professionals, educators, manufacturing consortiums, funding entities and utility providers. The talent you will be hiring is already on the way!

Site Selection/Business Expansion

As you evaluate locating or expanding in Genesee County, the Genesee F.A.S.T team will provide detailed workforce data to aid your project development. Meetings with educational, training and workforce leaders will guide an early path to identifying and attracting talent to your business.

Project Construction

During project construction, the Genesee F.A.S.T. team will coordinate meetings with your team to understand staffing needs and launch our programs that directly develop and deliver talent, including mass training programs and supporting recruitment activities.

Ramp Up

As your operations start, Genesee F.A.S.T.’s workforce development members will coordinate special training programs to bring new hires up to speed on the technologies and processes at your facility. This is also the time to establish apprenticeship and pre-apprenticeship eligibility with Genesee F.A.S.T.’s apprenticeship team.

Sustained Growth

With your business established and growing in Genesee County, Genesee F.A.S.T. will build a beneficial understanding of your business, careers and needs to the future members of our team. Apprenticeships and face time with students completing industry-focused programs at our training centers will ensure you continue to have a leg up in sustaining a steady influx of talent.

Genesee F.A.S.T. Careers

Genesee F.A.S.T.'s dedicated and business-focused approach to workforce development is based on the established and growing industry sectors in Genesee County.

FASTFoodBev.pngFood & Beverage Manufacturing

Food & Beverage Manufacturing is a heartland industry in Genesee County and our surrounding communities. A strong work ethic is instilled in Genesee County's ag-based education and mechanical programs.

A rapidly deployed Food Processing Certificate program has enabled dairy processing companies to quickly advance and sustain workforces overseeing 1.1 million SQFT of operations since 2012 in Genesee County.


Food & Beverage Manufacturing
Professionals in a 30-Minute Commute

GLOW Food Processing Workforce Survey, 2019

FASTAdvMan.pngAdvanced Manufacturing

As a target industry focus for Genesee County's 1,250-acre STAMP mega site, established research & development centers, and a K-16 talent pipeline are tied through a 22-school STEM-to-STAMP consortium in Genesee County.



New York Professionals in U.S.'s 3rd
Largest High-Tech Workforce

Empire State Development, 2021

FASTSklTrd.pngSkilled Trades

Genesee County's location at the center of New York's 2nd and 3rd largest metropolitans provides ready access to a diversity of construction and operations professionals. Our talent base is aligned with Genesee County's expedited permitting approvals to deliver projects at the speed of business.


Construction Trades Workers in
Western New York & the Finger Lakes

EMSI Q1 2021 Data


Mechatronics technician training and pre-apprenticeship programs serve as direct conduits for businesses to access new workers with skills developed with company guidance and enhance internal training.

In 2021, the 凯时线上, National Grid, Liberty Pumps and other partners expanded mechatronics training programs based in Genesee County with portable training systems that can be deployed alongside in-office re-skilling programs.

$50 Million+

Invested in Regional Technician
Training Centers

凯时线上 Tracking Data, 2021

Genesee F.A.S.T. Resources

Major Universities

University at Buffalo

School of Engineering and Applied Sciences

  • Research and degree programs in nanotechnology, materials design and innovation, electrical engineering

Rochester Institute of Technology

Kate Gleason College of Engineering

  • Research and degree programs in micro-electronics, nanotechnology and advanced manufacturing

University of Rochester

Hajim School of Engineering and Applied Sciences

  • Research and degree programs focused on optics, laser energetics and nanotechnology
Community Colleges

SUNY Erie Community College

  • Specialized training in nanotechnology, electrical engineering and mechatronics

SUNY Monroe Community College

  • Specialized training in electrical engineering, mechanical technology and optical systems technology 

SUNY Genesee Community College

  • Specialized training in food processing technology, engineering science and biotechnology

SUNY Niagara County Community College

  • Specialized training in mechanical technology, welding technology and biotechnology
Training Centers

Northland Workforce Training Center

Advanced manufacturing and clean energy training centers

Genesee Valley BOCES

  • Youth training specializing in mechatronics, CNC manufacturing, and welding

MCC Forward Center

  • Comprehensive degree and non-credit career and technical education programming

CNC Technical Solutions

  • Automated systems and mechatronics training

Finger Lakes Youth Apprenticeship Program

  • High school job shadows and co-op pre-apprenticeship coordination
Workforce Partners


GLOW Workforce Development Board

  • Business and employee-focused workforce support 

Genesee County Career One Stop

  • Skilled workforce development services and employee training assistance

Genesee County Business Education Alliance

  • Student and educator engagement focused on career exploration

The BEST Center

  • Customized training and certificate courses for professional development

ChrisSuozzi.pngReady to Move Fast?

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