STAMP Infrastructure

STAMP is designed, engineered, and permitted to deliver high-capacity infrastructure to power advanced manufacturing on our 1,250-acre mega-site.

Infrastructure Overview

STAMPElectric.jpgSTAMPWater.jpgSTAMP has achieved milestones for significant utility infrastructure construction, including Phase I water and the commencement of the construction for STAMP's 600 MW+ main electric substation.
All other high-capacity utility infrastructure has has reached build-readiness with the the completion of final design, engineering and permitting.
These achievements enable projects to move forward without delay, as all utility requirements can be achieved within a major project's construction window and with flexibility to specific project requirements.
All STAMP infrastructure is designed, engineered and constructed to deliver high standards for reliability, including redundancies and systems hardened for all weather events.


Power Green.pngStatus: In Progress
Capacity at Current Phasing: 600 MW+
Source: New York Power Authority (Transmission), National Grid (Distribution)
Facilities: Niagara Power Project (NYPA), STAMP Main Substation (600 MW+), On-Site 115-KV Circuits (National Grid)
Delivery: 100% renewable sourced hydropower available at the delivered costs well below national averages
Expandable: Yes


Water.pngStatus: 1 MGD completed, 6 MGD Bid-ready
Capacity at Current Phasing: 7-12 MGD
Source: U.S. Great Lakes (Erie, Ontario)
Facilities: STAMP phased water transmission system, On-Site distrubtion line (constructed to customer requirements)
Delivery: On-Site to STAMP central utility area and customer site by STAMP Water Works Corporation.
Expandable: Yes


Sewer.pngStatus: In Progess
Capacity at Current Phasing: 6-11 MGD
Facilities: STAMP force main discharge system, on-site water recycling facility (constructed to customer requirements), on-site phased wastewater treatment facility (constructed to customer requirements)
Delivery: On-Site from STAMP wastewater treatment facility to off-site discharge point by STAMP Sewer Works Corporation.
Expandable: Yes

Natural Gas

Natural Gas Green.pngStatus: Bid-Ready
Capacity at Current Phasing: 1,000 MCF/HR
Source: Empire Pipeline (National Fuel Gas) Transmission Line, On-Site Distribution Line (National Fuel Gas)(constructed to customer requirements)
Delivery: On-Site to STAMP central utility area and customer site by National Fuel Gas
Expandable: Yes

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